An online caregiver app that helps families connect, comfort and care for an aging loved one.

Your tablet and our app will provide stimulation, engagement and notification features which will reduce stress, save time and help maintain your loved one's independence.

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Challenges for Families

Receiving Care

  • As your loved ones age, they can develop memory issues.
  • Would it reduce anxiety if your loved one received gentle reminders on their tablet for upcoming appointments or to take their medications?
  • Would your loved one feel more connected to the family if they could see all the latest family photos that flow through social media apps, yet without all the complexities of these apps?
Receiving Care

Giving Care

  • Caring for a loved one is stressful, especially as memory challenges advance. In many families, distance adds to the stress and makes it more difficult to stay connected. How can you help your loved one continue to feel independent, maintain their dignity, yet provide you with a simple way to stay connected?
  • Would you like to receive a notification if your loved one did not acknowledge an important message that you sent them?
Caring for a loved one is stressful

Turn any tablet into a private family channel focused on your loved one.

  • Busy family members, near and far, need help in nourishing and caring for aging loved ones who often live alone.
  • Send a gentle stream of photos and messages that will display on your loved one's tablet.
  • Identify messages that need to be acknowledged when received by your loved one.
  • All family members can contribute to the broadcast from any device... from anywhere.

Place an Android or Apple iPad tablet in your loved one's home. You can then quickly and easily send Messages and share Photos with our online caregiver app.

  • Online Caregiver App showing an uploaded photo
  • Online Caregiver App with photo displaying a message
Upload Photos, give them captions, send messages

How it works

Step 1

Create your free BuddyPanel account by clicking here.

Step 2

Invite other members of your Caregiver Team to join the account.

Step 3

Obtain a tablet for your loved one and install the free BuddyPanel app from here.

Step 4

Launch the app then start sending Messages and sharing Photos.

Online Caregiver App with iPad showing a photo

Modern, online, easy to use and private

BuddyPanel is a family Caregiving App that uses modern and easy to use technology.

Caregivers can share Photos and send Messages from their desktop, tablet or mobile device. Your loved one doesn't need to be able use technology, just enjoy the Photos and Messages.

There are no complicated privacy policies, no selling data to advertisers and no fake friends.

It's just you and your family.

Online Caregiver App with BuddyPanel on different devices
Works on all devices

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